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Your Ultimate Travel Guide to Northern Madagascar

The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar is divided into four regions: North, South, East and West, all has its own uniqueness. Whether you are an animal lover, an outdoor enthusiast or just looking for peace and relaxation under the sun, Madagascar is truly the place to be at. 

If you’ve been long-planning to visit Madagascar and can’t decide where to go first, then let us take you on a tour starting with the most popular region of the island: The North.

Exploring Northern Madagascar

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Northern Madagascar, also known as ‘the tropical north’ is the most visited part of the island by tourists from all over the world. The stunning beaches of Nosy be, considered as the best by many, is probably one of the main reason why the north has the highest number of visitors. Other than that, It is also known for having excellent weather, idyllic scenery and diverse landscapes.

The north offers a huge amount of activities on both water and land. From diving, snorkeling, trekking and discovering the wild, The North is ready to give you an awesome experience.

Going on tour in Madagascar often involves long drives on bumpy roads, but in the north the distance between the sites are short compared to other parts of the island. This means you get time to experience more, in less time. Tourism infrastructure is also best developed in the north. 

Activities You Can Do
Scuba diving
Wildlife tours
Island exploring
4x4 adventure

Best Time To Travel

January - March are Madagascar’s wet season, outside these months would be the most recommended time of visit.. See Madagascar’s weather guide here. (need to look for a link/source)

Where to Eat

Da Ruggero - italian cuisine

L’ etincelle - french cuisine

La Jonque - Vietnamese cuisine

Le Nirvana - Indian cuisine

Where to Stay  

There are a lot of awesome places to stay in the North. The prices greatly varies, depending on what setting you’re looking for and where in the North would you want to focus your travel to. Here are just a few great hotels and resorts that we have on our list. 
Constance Tsarabanjina

(image here)

If you’re looking to experience some paradisiacal vibe, then Constance Tsarabanjina would be the perfect choice. From its tagline ‘true barefoot luxury on the private island’, this 5-star hotel offers travelers the most relaxing experience- azure blue water surrounding the private beach, perfect powder white sands along its shores, awesome Villas that matches the vibe, exceptional meals and quality services.

Ravintsara Wellness Hotel

(image here)

Want to be revitalized and rejuvenated during your stay in Madagascar? Then there’s no other place that Ravintsara Wellness Hotel. This 4-star hotel is magnificently set in 5 hectares of lush green gardens giving you a more peaceful and relaxed ambience all throughout your stay. Their bungalows embodies the malagasy culture featuring the most beautiful regions of the country. Every single element intertwines with nature, the rich flora surrounding the hotel will take your stress away.

Le Grand Hôtel Diego

(image here)

If you’re looking for a quality accomodation but on a really tight budget, then Le Grand Hôtel Diego should be on your list. This 4-star hotel, located in Diego Suarez, will have anything you need- descent restaurant, spacious rooms with terraces, outdoor pools for adults and kids, common lounge, 24-hour front desk and a casino if you want to try your luck.  

If you’re not sure where to stay or how far each hotels are from the places you’ll be visiting, then let us help you with that. We’ll make sure you get to experience Madagascar stress-free. Click here for a tailored trip with us!

Travel Destinations
Nosy be
Nosy means island, and be means big, so the island is actually named the big island. It has its own airport, and you can even arrive on international flights. Ethiopian Arilines, Africas premier airline and part of the Star Alliance just announced Nosy be as a new destination, making it closer than ever before. 

The beaches are stunning, so stunning that photographers can’t help not to take millions of breathtaking shots. You have probably seen pictures you didn’t know was taken from here. 

Nosy Iranja is the best one. It would take a couple of hours on a boat from the main island, but you wouldn’t really care because once you step to its shore and see newborn turtles come up from the sand and run to the crispy blue water will make your travel all worth it. 

Aside from that, Nosy be is surrounded by small islands, making island excursions a must. If you are short on time, many of the islands offer landing spots for helicopter. 

Looking forward to snorkelling activities? Then there’s no other place to spend it than in Nosy Tanakely, where you get to experience its crystal clear water making it hard for you to get out of it. 

Bonus: Just to make things even more perfect, we will prepare a picnic bbq with fresh seafood while you enjoy the water. All you need is to go here so you can plan the trip with us.

Do you like to go deep? Diving is excellent, offering a huge variety in sea life.  Whale sharks, humpback whales and big turtles is just some of the waterlife you can get close to. 

Enjoy golfing? Well, Nosy be have a nice course. In tropical environment, close to Andilana beach (and the famous hotel Andiliana) you’ll have a 18-hole course to enjoy. 

The restaurants in Nosy be holds high standards. Your hotel will offer great variety in its menus, and the seafood menu changes every day according to what the fishermen will get in the early morning.  

Deep sea fishing is a popular activity. You will get huge fish, and get that photo of a lifetime. 

We could go on forever about why you should visit Nosy be, its surrounding islands should be on your bucket list, but we will leave that decision to you. If you need help with planning your trip, we’re just right here for you. (insert link anywhere in the sentence) 

Diego Suarez

Diego Suarez, officially known as Antsiranana meaning "that is at the seaside" in Malagasy, is named after the Portuguese explorer Diego Diaz and the sailor Fernando Suarez. Having to be the 5th largest town, the province involve several national parks which tourists like visiting because of how it shows the culture of the place. There are also a lot of preserved natural sites which makes the town more appealing for a visit. 

The climate around Diego Suarez is hot with seven months of dry weather a year. 

How to get here?
Activities you can do?

Amber Mountain National Park

If you want to get to know Madagascar more, then there’s no better way to visit one of its most beautiful national park. The waterfalls and crater lakes are one of Amber Mountain’s pride and glory. If you’re a big fan of the wildlife, there are a lot of endemic species here that you can see. You’ll find the Amber Mountain fork-marked lemur, also known as the Montagne d'Ambre fork-crowned lemur as well as the tiniest chameleon, Brookesia. 

The climate?
How to get here?
Other activities to do here?

Ankarana National Park

Whether you’re planning for your honeymoon, or want to go on a family vacation or even want to travel solo, North Madagascar is a place to be at. Build unforgettable memories, make wonderful experiences, get to do new things, meet awesome people and learn new culture by exploring everything Madagascar has to offer. 

Are you ready to take in a new journey? Come and plan your tailored trips with us! 

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