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The blue jacaranda of Madagascar

The blue jacaranda of Madagascar

The blue jacaranda(jacaranda mimosifolia) is a tropical tree with beautiful blue flowers,it is very ornamental. Its origine is from Latin America and Madagascar, particularly appreciated for the beautiful purple flowering it offers during the summer.It blooms in early summer and early autumn it means on May and July by  forming purplish blue flowers,its size can reach 10 to 20 meters and its foliage is deciduous. The flowers are characterized by their blue color purple, appear in late spring and fall during the summer to form a beautiful colorful rugs.

In Madagascar we can see the blue jacaranda especially in the capital Antananarivo,the lake Anosy is surrended by beautiful jacaranda�s trees, they also exist in the independence place of Antaninarenina park. Some of the Malagasy people call the jacaranda tree�the crying trees� because these altruistic if trees are a feast for the cicadas whose nymphs invade jacarandas, they make there their final transformation and afford spring feasts. Thus, this moist and fragrant mist when passing under the branches of the jacaranda trees in spring is cicada�s piss not the tree�s tears.

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