• Terms of services

    We hope you choose to book your trip in Madagascar with us. We will always try to be as flexible as we can, and here is our general set of rules.




    You send a request for a custom made trip through our website or through our email at post@wau.mg. Your request will be handled by one of our team members who will remain at your disposal for any further inquiries. If the trip fits you, you can book it by email.



    A 30% deposit are paid when you confirm your trip, the rest of the trip, 70%, are paid 45 days before arrival.

    If you book a trip in less than 45 days, a full payment (100%) is required.

    We prefer that the balance is paid by invoice, to our bank account in Madagascar.

    The copy of the bank transfer or the copy of the payment must be sent to us upon your payment and we should get the payment on the set due date of payment mentioned.


    • PRICE

    The price you see on the program we send to you will be the real price of the trip. Upon confirmation, you will receive your invoice. The payment must due at the set due date and the copy of the bank transfer is required.



    Antananarivo is sometimes subject of unpredictable traffic condition, and other region as west as sudden weather changes, then, WAU Madagascar reserves the right to alter the route or itinerary of any of its sightseeing tours and arrange alternative routes to those advertised if necessary. The main spots of the sightseeing tours will be preserved, but the way to use to access and reach these spots may be changed according to our needs. All visits will happen with rain or in cloudy days, unless it can offer risks to our customers, staff and equipment. Our guide will be in charge to take this decision. No money will be refunded on these cases.



    The customer is entitled to transfer the trip to another person who fulfills the conditions for participation in the package trip. The pre-conditions are that WAU or the agent receives notification of this within a reasonable time before the trip starts and that WAU is not bound by the rules that forbid such transfers. Scheduled flights belong among others to this category of subcontractors. WAU calculates that there will be a name change fee per person that you’ll get details by email. The original customer and the new customer are jointly liable for such charges and any remaining amount for the trip.





    You cancel your trip 80 days before arrival, after taking all fees according to the trip, we will give you a full refund of your deposit.

    You cancel between 80 and 45 days before arrival, we will give you refund of 50% of deposit.

    You cancel between 45 and 30 days before arrival, no refund of deposit.

    You cancel less than 30 days before arrival, the trip is to paid in full.


    For all refund, bank fees or other fees related to the way of giving back the amount have to be in your charge.



    Any cause beyond our control, such as strikes, cancellations or delays in flights, military or political conflicts, prohibition to visit the country, or other ... shall not be invoked to obtain a refund or an exemption from payment of due balance in case of cancellation.



    Communicated hotel categories are those officially awarded by the authorities when we categorized them into stars, failing that, the judgment of our field experiments will clarify their general type.Triple rooms consist of a double room with a bed extra. Single rooms despite their supplement are often smaller and less well situated than doubles. The uses of the hotel provide the rooms are assigned in the afternoon of the day of arrival and released the morning of the day of departure.



    We do not take care of international flights, but if it’s included on a package, then we can arrange it.

    Domestic flights may be included, depending on the packages.

    Flight schedules are always communicated and are subject to change at the last minute.

    Schedule changes (delayed or advanced) will not give rise to any refund.

    Next time flights, meal trays are served during the flight path. They replace or meals that would have been taken in the hotels at the same time and are not refundable.

    Only airline company is responsible in case of delayed flight or cancellation and it take in charge of compensation if there is one, but we will assist you as much as possible on the procedures.




    WAU Madagascar claims no responsibility for any loss, damage, accident, injury, sickness or schedule change due to weather, strike or any other cause beyond WAU Madagascar’s control. WAU MADAGASCAR can not be held responsible for:

    - When participants do not show up at the times and places mentioned on their convocation;

    - Where participants present identification documents or expired health documents or invalid for the country concerned;

    - When a refusal to issue by the competent authorities of the documents required for entering the country.

    We will make every effort to safeguard our customers and their personal property, and we therefore advise all customers to have comprehensive travel insurance to meet all contingencies.




    Before your trip, in case of cancellation

    WAU Madagascar applies the repayment schedule provided in our terms and conditions of sale. It varies depending on the number of days remaining before the scheduled departure date.

    To contract a cancellation insurance allows you to be reimbursed (excluding the insurance cost) of the total costs of canceling your trip.


    During your trip

    WAU Madagascar suggests you to take out travel insurance.

    The support and repatriation insurance cover you for accidents on site which you, your companions or your loved ones are victims (eg advance medical expenses abroad, repatriation, early return in case of illness of a relative, liability, legal assistance ...).

    Finally baggage insurance protects you against damage, delay or loss of baggage.

    This insurance is often included in the cancellation insurance.


    • CLAIM

    We want to provide the most interesting and unforgettable trip for our customers. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with our services, we want to hear about it. We recommend you to contact us when you still are in Madagascar. If you are unable to do so at the time, you must advise us by sending an email.
    All information on our website is subject to change. WAU Madagascar reserves the right to update, change, correct.




    There is a discharge that a client should sign if he does not want to participate in an activity on the program.

    All services and activities are included in the package so even if the client does not participate, there will be no refund.