• The East of Madagascar

    A tropical wet area filled with animal life

  • The tropical East

    "The Nest of Dream, home of Aye-aye and many other lemurs"

    The tropical wet area in the East is a shelter of endemic animals and plants. The trip brings you to a lush and green rainforest where lemurs, chameleons, birds can be spotted easily. The tour can be ended at the tropical island of Sainte Marie well known for its amazing beach with many activities and the whales watching every July. For persons who are looking for a pure approach to nature and want more fun, the East is the perfect choice.


    Akanin'ny nofy / Andasibe / Sainte Marie Island / Pangalanes Channel / Tamatave


    Indri- indri / orchids / Aye-Aye / Variety of Palms / colorful chameleons / whales / leaf-tailed chameleons / Frogs.


    Trekking / Boat cruise / Snorkeling / Diving / Whale- watching.


    Andasibe Hotel / Eulophiella / Palmarium / Lakana hotel / Soanambo Hotel.

  • Attractions

    A small selection

    Peyrieras exotic park

    Analamazaotra National Park

    Mantadia National park

    Vakona private reserve

    VOIMMA reserve

    Palmarium reserve