• The Highlands

    The heart of the Island ,an inescapable step when visiting Madagascar.

  • The inescapable highland

    "the heart of Madagascar with hundred things to give"

    The central of Madagascar or the Highlands is well known for both its city and rural life. Landscape around the Capital city of Antananarivo are magical with its historical mountainous area. From here can start your trip to discover Madagascar.


    Ampefy / Anjozorobe / Ambohimanga / Antananarivo /

    Fauna and Flora

    Indri- Indri or Bababakoto lemurs / Jaccaranda / Crocodiles / Jakoko mena birds / Tapia forest / Birds.


    City tours/ Trekking / History discovery / Golf / Hiking / immersion local life .


    Hotel Colbert / Grand Hotel Urban / Havana resort / Belvedere hotel

    / Lokanga Hotel/ Eucalyptus Ampefy

  • Attractions

    A small selection

    Ambohimanga King Palace

    The Queen Palace: Rova Manjakamiadana

    Geyser and Lilly Waterfall

    Lemurs Park

    Anjozorobe reserve



    Croc farm

    Tsarasaotra Park

    Digue Market