• The west of Madagascar

    Famous for its baobabs, rivers, tsingy & beaches

  • Like visiting another planet

    The west is on many of our guests bucket list, and mostly because of the stunning Baobabs and the Baobabs forrests you can find close to Morondava. The west however, is so much more. Going down the river Tsiribihina on motor boat or by paddling traditional canoes yourself, camping under the starry sky, visit the Tsingy, see the Fossa, and finish up on the fabulous beaches of the west is just a few of the options in the west.


    Tsingy of Bemaraha / Kirindy / Belo sur Tsiribihina / Morondava / Belo sur Mer / Coastal track



    Baobabs / Lemurs /rosewoods / Fossa /Geckos / tenrec / Endemic birds / Medicinal plants


    Trip river cruise / Canoeing / Trekking / Hiking / Snorkeling / Diving


    Palissandre Cote Ouest Hotel / Trecicogne / Relais du Kirindy / Soleil des Tsingy / Orchidee du Bemaraha / Entremer Hotel