• Day 1

    ARRIVAL IN ANTANANARIVO : The Mother Hill of Madagascar!

    Tonga soa (Welcome)! After landing in Madagascar, our team will be happy to welcome you at the airport. A car will be there to transfer you to your chosen hotel in the city center.
    If you arrive in Antananarivo at night, you will drive through smooth traffic for the few kilometers from the airport to the downtown and appreciate the calm of the surroundings. Along the road , you will have an overview of “the city of thousand” Antananarivo with its million lights overlooked by the illuminated Queen Palace seen from afar.
    If your arrival is then during daytime, you will have opportunity to observe the daily activities of some Malagasy in their hitting life. You will also be amazed by the beautiful landscape made of vast plain with rice fields surrounding the big city. Take advantage of your stay when arrived at the hotel, take a good rest and make yourself ready for your journey the next day!

    Overnight at Hotel Colbert or similar

    Day 2

    ANTANANARIVO - ANDASIBE : A way of lush and green rainforest!

    After a savory breakfast, we will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to the tropical eastern part of Madagascar. On the road, you will enjoy a green scenery and will have opportunities to observe the activities of the locals where you get to feel more of the beauty of Madagascar. After around two hours, you will be arriving at Marozevo where you will discover the exotic private reserve of Pereyras. Here, you will see many species of reptiles: colorful chameleons, snakes, lizards and also several insects including many species of butterflies. After the visit, you’ll be crossing Moramanga, an important place in the history of Madagascar for it is where the Malagasy Uprising against French colonial rule started. You will continue your trip until Andasibe. You will then be brought to your hotel. And before a scrumptious dinner, you will have a visit on the forest during which you will see the nocturnal animals including the Microcebus, so have your flashlights ready! After this tour, you will be brought back to your hotel.

    Overnight at Andasibe hotel or similar.




  • Day 3


    In the morning, your first stop will be the Analamazaotra National Park. You will be walking in trails inside this rainforest which is among those rich of fauna and flora in Madagascar. You will be seeing the biggest lemurs in Madagascar called “Indri Indri” that is found just by their famous long song. You will also discover some species of chameleons, orchids, pandanus, and medicinal plants ...

    After lunch, you will be visiting another park which is the Vakona Private Reserve to have an approximate view to lemurs. You will cross a little river by a canoe to the “Lemurs Small Island” within the reserve to be more close to them. Don’t worry, lemurs are very friendly here! You will also have opportunities to see crocodiles, wild duck and the famous predator called Fosa or Cryptoprocta Ferox which is an endemic species of Madagascar. After this day full of discoveries, you will be brought back to your hotel room so you can relax and be ready for the next day.

    Overnight at Andasibe Hotel or similar.


    Day 4

    ANDASIBE - AKANIN'NY NOFY : Travel both on land and on water!

    After breakfast, you will be travelling to the Eastern part of Madagascar until you reach Manambato from where you’ll be boarding on a boat to Akanin’ny Nofy. Along the road, you will enjoy green mountains and rice fields. You will also have opportunities to see a huge number of Ravinala trees or “Travelers tree” which are endemic of Madagascar and also the famous emblem of Madagascar airline company. Arrival at Brickaville, you will take a bifurcation to Manambato where you will take a boat to Akanin’ny Nofy or “nest of dream”, a beautiful destination in the “Canal des Pangalanes”. While on board, you will enjoy green sceneries on this channel, you will also see water birds, pandanus, and fishermen demonstrating their local techniques. You will be arriving at Akanin’ny Nofy at the end of the afternoon then can go straight to check in to your hotel. At the night fall, you will take a boat to the Palmarium reserve where you can observe this nocturnal endemic lemur called “Aye- Aye”. We will then accompany you back to your hotel.

    Overnight at Palmarium or similar

  • Day 5

    AKANIN'NY NOFY : The Nest of dream

    Akanin’ny Nofy is a splendid place with its fine beach from Ampitabe lake and shelters a lot of animals especially lemurs. You’ll find here a lot of their species including Indri Indri, the black and white ruffed lemurs. You’ll start the day inside the garden of the Palmarium reserve where you’ll see a vanilla plantation in the forest with several kind of orchids; carnivorous plants such as Nepenthes is among your discovering-list. After the visit, you will take a motor boat to the fishermen village of Andranokoditra. You will meet the friendly local who use the river and the sea in their daily life. From this village you can see the big Indian Ocean. You will then leave Andranokoditra village and will head back to your hotel.

    Overnight at Palmarium or similar.

    Day 6


    Today, you will leave Akanin’ny nofy. You’ll take the boat back to Manambato where the car is waiting for you. Next, you will be driving forward to the capital city. You’ll take a break at Antsapanana where you will taste exotic fresh fruits in a local market and find some handicrafts made from raphia. You can do a few stops on the road to take beautiful pictures and just stretch a little. Along these road are the typical houses made from the Ravinala tree, and have stilt to support it in order to avoid reptiles to come up. Upon arrival in Antananarivo, you can transfer to your hotel.

    Overnight at Hotel Colbert or similar.

  • Day 7

    ANTANANARIVO - MIANDRIVAZO : Crossing the Highlands!

    You will have an early departure to the Southern part of Madagascar to join Antsirabe first. You will start your day with a lot of sightseeing along the road; rice terrace landscape, beautiful villages with local people and you will also see Imerina tombs as typical houses of the highland which look like it grew from the soil. You will pass Ambatolampy, famous by their skills to make cooking pots and decoration items with melted aluminium. You will cross the ‘city of water’ Antsirabe, known for its thermal springs and its colorful rickshaws. Here, you will do a brief tour around the town to visit the independence avenue with its old railway station and the local market. Then, leave the cold highland to continue your journey to Miandrivazo which is one of the warmest town in Madagascar. You will arrived there at the end of the afternoon and will have plenty of time to relax and enjoy!

    Overnight at Princesse Tsiribihina or similar

    Day 8


    After breakfast, you will leave Miandrivazo and drive until the village of Marofototra from where you will see your first baobab! Then take the offroad to go to Kirindy by passing the famous Baobab Avenue. Next is to drive on a sandy and bumpy road decorated by deciduous forest which make this trip a nice adventure. Before reaching your hotel, you will meet the giant sacred baobab in the village of Beroboka. You can then proceed to your hotel, then at nightfall be ready for a nocturnal visit inside the deciduous and dry forest of Kirindy reserve. You can try to find the smallest nocturnal lemurs of the world called Berther’s lemur and “the Fosa” or Cryptoprocta Ferox, the endemic predator in Madagascar. You can now drive back to your hotel while enjoying the billion stars above you.

    Overnight at Relais du kirindy or similar.

  • Day 9


    At early morning, you can drive back to the Baobab Alley to witness the magnificent sunrise. You can then hit the road to Bekopaka. You’ll drive through a lunar landscape that is worth to see; a vast baobab forest and a dry forest. You will arrived at Tsimafana village where you will cross the Tsiribihina River by a ferry boat to reach Belo sur Tsiribihina. On the ferry boat, you will have an opportunity to meet locals and know their stories of everyday sailing. You’ll stop at Belo sur Tsiribihina for your lunch time. Then, you will continue until Bekopaka village where you will cross another river called Manambolo in only five minutes. We know that a hot bath is perfect after this wonderful trip so you can now proceed to you hotel to enjoy one.

    Overnight at Soleil des Tsingy or similar.


    Day 10

    BEKOPAKA : Manambolo gorge and Small Tsingy

    After breakfast in your hotel, you will drive back to the Park entrance of Tsingy de Bemaraha to visit the gorge of Manambolo where you will board on a local pirogue to explore the hiding facets of this river. You will discover the caves with stalagmites and stalactites. You’ll watch the Vazimba tombs buried in the imposing cliffs. Then in the afternoon, you will visit the Small Tsingy , less altitude and more flat than the big Tsingy that you will visit the day after. Here you may have more chance for lemurs. After that, you can back to your hotel. This day will be full of adventure so be prepared for some narrow path with up and down steps.

    Overnight at Soleil des Tsingy or similar

  • Day 11

    BEKOPAKA : Big Tsingy

    You will have an early morning wake up to visit the Big Tsingy, one of the most interesting and typical limestone landscape in the world. This is located several kilometers from the village of Bekopaka. Upon arriving at the starting point of the national park, you will be greeted with a great adventure. You will cross a primary forest where you will find lemurs, birds and several medicinal plants. After the forest, you will start climbing on the vast and large rock of limestones. Once you reach the top, the view will take your breath away. You’ll be crossing a suspended bridge in order to go back. After the visit, you can drive back to your hotel and take a rest.

    Overnight at Soleil des Tsingy or similar.

    Day 12

    You will be heading back to Morondava early in the morning by crossing again the two rivers. You will enjoy the dry scenery and the famous tombs of the Sakalava ethnic who populate this region. You will have several stops to see the sacred baobab, the baobab in love and especially the baobab avenue well appreciated by the scenery it shows during the sunset. You will then arrive at Morondava where you will discover the vibrancy of the city at nightfall. Then you can head back to your hotel.

    Overnight at Palissandre Cote Ouest or similar.

  • Day 13


    You will be picked up from your hotel then be transferred to the airport of Morondava to take a domestic flight to the capital. Upon arrival, we will take you to visit the “Croc Farm” which is located in just few minutes from the airport. This is a zoological and botanical park where you can find many crocodiles from the Nile river in Egypt. There is also many other animals such as the Sifaka (lemurs), Fossa, frogs, snakes and many kind of plants. You can also taste the crocodile meats here as it became specialities of the place. We will then head to downtown to reach your hotel right after the visit.

    Overnight at Hotel Colbert or similar.

    Day 14


    After taking breakfast, you’ll head to the southwest of Antananarivo, where you will visit Lemurs Park. This is where you can easily find more species of lemurs in one place. You will also discover birds, lizards and of course endemic plants in their garden. When the visit is finish, you can drive back to your hotel. On the road, you will see some Malagasy in their hitting life and activities.

    Overnight at Hotel Colbert or similar.

    Day 15


    This is the last day of the trip! You will have the car at your disposal for this day, so you can visit the capital city: the Queen’s Palace, the ancient Prime Minister Office which is a museum nowadays, the Independence Avenue and the railway station of Soarano. You will then be on your way to the airport. On the road, you will stop at the Digue market where you can buy some nice handicraft as souvenirs. Continuation to Ivato where you will take your international flight to go back to your country.


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